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Lifting & Installation

The various heavy industrial and engineering construction projects in Malaysia demand not only heavy oversized transport which Megalift is proficient in, but also create tremendous opportunities for Megalift to provide complete lifting and installation works, including jacking, skidding, positioning and alignment, etc.

Distinct in its advantage of having transport and lifting installation under one roof for better control, co-ordination, communication and competitive pricing, Megalift has undertaken the task of positioning transformers, turbines, generators, engines, condensers, chillers, boilers, press machine, etc, onto foundations of several metres high, into pits of many metres deep and onto the top floor of highrise buildings or the basements, using a combination of sophisticated equipment like the gantry, mobile truck cranes, crawler cranes, ringer cranes, forklifts, skylifts, jacks, skate rollers, winches, strand jacks with the use of support materials such as steel plates, U-channels, beams, decks, concrete blocks and scaffoldings, etc.

Quite often Megalift is also called upon to perform horizontal lifting of pressure vessels and vertical lifting of columns and coldboxes, etc. When rare and very specialized high and lifting equipment or when a large crane pool is required, Megalift cross-hires and collaborates with their reliable network but assume sole control of performance and responsibility, to avoid unnecessary hassle of co-ordination to the Clients.

These services are complemented by an experienced team at operations, planning, technical and engineering levels and expatriate consultants whenever required.

Megalift also performs temporary jackup at the port, transit yard and site with cross beams and steel support in tandem with hydraulic self lifting of its Goldhofer trailers as a way of dispensing with crane lifting to reduce cost and enhance efficiency and safety for Clients. 


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