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Barging And RORO

Barging is an integral part of heavy transport especially when and/or over-dimensioned cargo's cannot be transport cross-country and have to be barged due to various restrictions of weight (e.g. under capacity bridge, poor road condition), length, width (e.g. tight T-junction, narrow winding road, lamp post, trees, permanent building structure) and height factor (tunnel, viaduct, flyover, arches, overhead electri and telephone wires).

Roro (Roll-On-Roll-Off) is the method used for movement of cargo's on trailer from land to sea or vice-verse over the ramp of barge at beacheads, jetties and wharves.

Megalift its own inland transport facility and sea-going barging and tugging facilities often package at through transport from the point of origin to destination under its sole control and responsibilities to give valve added services to its Clients.

Barging and roro not only require the main facilities of barging, tugs, ramps, ballasting pumps, generators, sounding devices, lashing wires, turnbuckles, welding sets and oxi-cutters, etc, but also the precise knowledge of hydro dynamics, tidal condition, towing technique, navigation route, pilot regulation and port condition.  In addition, a superb human resources team such as master mariners marine engineers welders and riggers are required.  In this respect, Megalift takes pride in having all these ingredients for smooth execution.

Barging is also used when ocean vessels are not equipped with heavy duty derrick or when job sites are inaccessible by ocean vessel or road.

Megalift not only handles domestic but also regional barging as well, to and from overseas such as Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, etc.

Often, Megalift has also been called upon to build temporary beachheads, jetties or to reinforce landing places due to Megalift's familiarity with the entire knowledge of combined through transport operations.

Megalift is undoubtedly the leading specialist in barging, roro, having done not less than 80 barge operations as West Port, North Port, various jetties at Port Klang, Lumut, Segari, Butterworth, Prai, Langkawi, Port Dickson, Melaka, Pasir Gudang, Teluk Raminia, Tioman, Kuantan, Kemaman, Paka, Kota Kinabalu, Singapore, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Maldives, Bangkok etc.

Megalift not only selects barges of the right size, draft, deck strength, appropriate tugging horsepower and balland pull but also conducts an inspection before usage.  Megalift also reinforces deck strength if required.