Our skills in transporting heavy and over-dimensional cargoes are put to real test in every project and job we partake. Be it urban roads, rural terrains, highways and byways or tight confines of plant sites, fabrication yards and factories, our capability has proven to exceed clients’ and the overall market’s expectations.

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We use the latest technology and own the largest fleet of Goldhofer hydraulic multiaxle modular trailer in Malaysia. Consistent expansion and upgrading of our equipment enables us to meet industrial requirements despite the ever-changing demands in size and weight, safety aspects, practices of just-in-time policy, increased number of parties involved and integration of multiple services.

With the ISO 9001:2015 accreditation and adoption of more stringent safety rules, we hope to contribute public awareness through the use of hydraulic multi-axle modular trailers which reduces road damages and helps enhance safety for all road users. It is our goal to consistently evolve our modus-operandi to contribute positively as a responsible member to the community.


Project References


Oil & Gas

Project: Lotte Titan Expansion 3

Cargo: Converter Unit


L44.85 m x W11.20 m x H12.00 m 

Weight: 709 ton


Power & Energy


Project: SPG Track 4A – 1,440 MW Combined Cycle Gas Power Plant

Cargo: World’s First 9HA.02 General Electric Gas Turbine


L11.40 m x W5.10 m x H5.20 m

Weight: 436 ton




Project: Light Rail Transit 3

Cargo: U-Trough Girder

Dimension: L20-30 m each

Weight: Between 110-185 ton each

Apart from oversized transport, there is also great demand for lifting and installation works in various industrial and engineering projects in Malaysia. The distinct advantages of having Megalift coordinating both transport and lifting aspects are the ability to communicate with better control and offer competitive pricing. It is certainly possible given our technical and engineering capability, experienced operation teams and the involvement of expatriate consultants if required.

Throughout the past 30 years, we have undertaken numerous positioning tasks, be it high foundations, deep, onto high-rise buildings or even the basements. Among the structures we worked with include turbines, transformers, generators, boilers, condensers and engines.


Lifting and installation works usually require a combination of sophisticated equipment including some rare or highly specialized instruments. In the case that we do not own them, cross-hire and collaboration with a reliable network will take place. However, we assume sole control of performance and responsibility to avoid unnecessary hassle to the client.

Equipment: mobile cranes, gantry, crawler cranes, ringer cranes, forklifts, sky lifts, winches, jacks, skate rollers and strand jacks with the use of support materials such as steel plates, U-channels, beams, decks, concrete blocks and scaffoldings.



Project References

Oil & Gas


Project: Shell Gas Hijau

Cargo: HDS Reactor


L20.43 m x W5.74 m x H6.26 m

Weight: 214 ton



Power & Energy


Project: Jimah 2000 MW Coal Fired Combined Cycle Power Plant

Cargo: Generator Stator


L10.95 m x W6.80 m x H5.47 m

Weight: 462 ton




Project: Mass Rapid Transit 2

Cargo: Locomotive


L15.63 m x W2.78 m x H3.60 m

Weight: 60 ton

Barging is an integral part of heavy transport especially when over-dimensioned cargoes cannot be transported cross-country. Oftentimes, barge is needed due to restrictions of weight, length, width, and height. Under capacity bridges, narrow roads, tight 5-junctions, unmovable obstructions, flyovers, telephone wires are some constraints that road transportation may not be possible. 


RORO (roll-on-roll-off) is the method to move cargoes seated on trailer from land to sea or vice versa. This is usually performed using a ramp at beachheads, jetties or wharves.

Barging and RORO not only require the main facilities of barging, tugs, ramps, ballasting pumps, generators, sounding devices, lashing wires, turnbuckles, welding sets and oxi-cutters, etc. but also the precise knowledge of hydro dynamics, tidal condition, towing technique, navigation route, pilot regulation and port condition. In addition, a superb human resources team such as master mariners, marine engineers, welders and riggers are required. In this respect, Megalift takes pride in having all these ingredients for smooth execution.

Barging is also used when ocean vessels are not equipped with heavy duty derrick or when job sites and inaccessible by ocean vessel or road.

We handle both domestic and regional barging, to and from overseas including countries like Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, Singapore and Thailand. Having done not less than 150 barge operations, Megalift is undoubtedly the leading specialist in barging and RORO.

Our expertise encompasses selecting the right barge sizes, deck strength, appropriate tugging horsepower and ballad pull as well as inspection before usage and deck strength reinforcement if required.


Jacking and skidding is one of the lifting mechanisms widely used for moving large structures. It’s especially useful to move items such as transformers where they are to be positioned on a plinth. And usually in such situations, space could be a constraint. With limited space and no other viable method to lift and place the structure onto its foundation, a jack and skid method is just perfect. 

Jack and skid runs on a series of slow, calculated, steady steps. Firstly the structure is jacked up off the trailer that it’s being transported before trudging through the distance of the dragon skids. Finally when it arrives at the right position, the reverse process will take place to jack it down onto the foundation. 

Megalift has both the technical expertise and equipment to do so. Usually a site survey is required before we advise With more than 30 years of experience handling jacking and skidding for a wide variety of projects, we can execute these operations safely and professionally. 

Sea freight is the most widely-used shipping mode in the world. With countless routes and vessel options, it makes the most cost-efficient mode of transportation. 


Megalift is experienced in arranging sea freight from and to anywhere in the world for the smallest to the largest cargoes. Whether it’s containerized, breakbulk, mafi, RORO or barging, or a combination of few modes, we are capable of providing the best that caters to your needs and expectations. 


  • Consolidated freight services (LCL)

  • Container freight services (FCL)

  • Special handling for dangerous/perishable goods

  • Breakbulk vessel

  • Geared heavy lifter

  • Roro carriage or barge

  • L/C stipulation

  • Inland routing

  • Customs clearance and regulations

  • Insurance

  • Trans-loading

  • Ship-to-ship


Air freight is highly important for project logistics as the means to ship high value, urgent cargoes. Being in several global networks enables us to develop strong logistical ties with agents all over the world, making air shipping possible in the shortest time possible. 

Our office in the MAS Kargo Kompleks in KLIA with our own air freight customs clearance license contributes to a smooth transfer of cargoes whether it’s for import or export. 

Among our air freight services include:

  • Consolidation consignments

  • Direct charter freight services

  • Express door-to-door courier services

  • Full and part charters

  • Security regulations consultation

  • Open customs warehouse for storage

  • Transport insurance procurement

  • Special charters and shipments

  • Customs clearance and regulations

Any projects that involve international borders are highly dependent on the customs clearance process. Having a customs agent with the right knowledge, experiences and lawful attitude is all you need to ensure your cargoes get delivered to the final doorsteps.

It is always our goal to act upon your interest and at the same time to safeguard your business. Among our services include:

  • Customs brokerage and consultancy

  • Advisory in rules and documentations

  • Tariff code consultancy

  • Indirect Tax exemption application

  • SIRIM, COA CIDB permits application



Storage space is integral in the management of supply chain. Having a safe, secured space to store your cargoes prior to delivering to the final destination takes away a lot of troubles and worries. 

We have covered warehouses of up to 300,000 square feet of space and an open yard spanning 220,000 square feet. Apart from having a 24-hour surveillance system, we have state-of-the-art systems in place to track and monitor your supply chain. ​​

  • Warehouse storage

  • Stuffing and unstuffing of containers

  • Lashing and choking

  • Packing and unpacking

  • Picking, sorting, labelling, etc.